Best of Summit: Responding to Atheists

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Many Christians encounter claims denying the existence of God.

  • There's too much evil in the world for God to exist.
  • The Bible is just a bunch of made-up fairy tales, none of that really happened.
  • We don't need God, we have science.

These comments are heard frequently, but how should we respond? Answers like "just have faith‚" or "the Bible says it, so I believe it," just don't cut it anymore, especially with non-believers. Christians must understand why we believe what we believe. The evidence is there, we simply need to study it!

In this series, you'll learn to graciously and confidently respond to common objections that atheists and skeptics often hurl at believers. You'll learn from experts in apologetics like author and international speaker Dr. Sean McDowell, former homicide detective and best-selling author J. Warner Wallace, and others.

  • The Reliability of the Gospels J. Warner Wallace
  • If God Is Good, Why Is There Evil and Suffering? Brett Kunkle
  • Shattering the Myths of Evolution Sean McDowell
  • Are Miracles Possible?  Frank Turek
  • Did God Really Commit Genocide? Paul Copan
  • Tactics in Defending the Faith Alan Shlemon

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