Summit Lecture Series V1 CD Set

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Length: 20:43
Format: CD
Author: Various
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Lectures include the following:

  1. Making Sense of Your World, John Stonestreet
  2. The World of Worldivews, John Stonestreet
  3. A Muslim's Journey to Christ, Nabeel Qureshi
  4. Inside Islam (parts 1–2), Nabeel Qureshi
  5. Is Your Worldview Really Biblical?, John Stonestreet
  6. C.S. Lewis on Heaven and Hell (parts 1–2), Louis Markos
  7. Dealing with Doubts, Brett Kunkle
  8. The Problem of Pluralism: Is Christ the Only Way?, Brett Kunkle
  9. The Problem of Evil: Obstacles to Faith, Mark Mittelberg
  10. Loving God with Your Mind, J.P. Moreland
  11. I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (parts 1–2), Frank Turek
  12. Intelligent Design, Sean McDowell
  13. Myths of Evolution, Sean McDowell
  14. Naturalism: The Assumption of Modern Science (parts 1–2), J.P. Moreland
  15. Can We Be Moral without God?, Francis Beckwith
  16. Correct, Not Politically Correct, Frank Turek
  17. The Case for the Pro-Life Position (parts 1‐2), Scott Klusendorf
  18. The Worldview behind Porn, Sean McDowell
  19. Mormonism: Christian or Cult?, Douglas Groothuis
  20. Politics in the Public Arena, Tim Goeglein

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